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  Company identification   Value Added Tax (UE) / Tax ID Number (USA, Canada) / Business Licence
  Country   e.g: Romania
  Area ( county )   e.g: Bucharest
  Town   e.g: Bucharest
  Address   e.g: 253 Calea Mosilor
  Contact person   e.g: Mr. Cristian Ionescu
  Position in company   e.g: Sales Manager
  Phone   e.g: 0040-722.393.491
  Fax   e.g: 0040-21-210.18.39
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 Services (Transport, Logistic etc.) .

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 4. Main products 

Stores and fashion houses
Women clothes store Men clothes store
Children clothes store Fashion houses
Sport clothing
Children sport clothing Women sport clothing
Men sport clothing
Leather clothes and products
Men leather coats Women leather coats
Children leather coats Fur coats
Women leather clothes Men leather clothes
Women clothing
Women suits and jackets Women underwear
Women trousers Evening dresses
Wedding dresses Women stockings
Women sweaters & knitwears Women pajamas
Women swimsuits Women blouses and shirts
Women jeans Women accessories
Men clothing
Men shirts Men suits and jackets
Ties and accessories Sweaters & knitwears
Men underwear Men pajamas
Men swimsuits Men blouses and shirts
Men jeans Men socks
Children clothing
Newborns clothing Children clothing
Teenagers clothing
Home & garden decorating
Rugs and Carpets Hangings
Curtains Bedclothes
Tarpaulins and Covers Camping equipment
Materials and accessories
Textile threads Tweeds
Clothing accessories Leather and fur
Furniture plush Flax and hemp fabrics
Technical materials for clothing Wool
Synthetic threads and fibres Cotton
Silk threads and fibres Chemical materials
Women tailor Men tailor
Groups of activities
Production Distribution
Import-Export Design
Spinning mills Weaving mills
Textile printing Textile Finishing
Sewing services

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- After payment confirmation your company will be listed on TextileServer.com according to the selected wooden products categories above. Afterwards we will issue an username and password in order to have full access to our offers-demands database ; username and password will be sent both by email and fax to you

- Besides many others opportunities, joining TextileServer.com includes:
    - full access to identifications data of buyers and sellers who posted offers & demands
    - publishing your offers/demands in unlimited number and visible to everyone who visits the website, member or not
    - promoting your company and your products in our companies database